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The flagship branch of Glamour Hair Salon in Abu Dhabi personifies its name; sheer, unadulterated, luxurious glamour.

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There are two Glamour salons in Abu Dhabi, and with a staff hand-picked from the UK as well as a reputation for excellent service, it’s no wonder it’s become the expatriates’ choice in the area.
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A sleek interior is decked out in softest dove grey and white, with pops of pink and glossy black glass-topped feature furniture. Chandeliers and white wall moldings add to the decadent feel, while floor-to-ceiling prints of model shots give clients a clue as to how they can expect to look and feel.
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For those in need of a little more privacy – or requesting a dedicated space for a bridal party or event – there’s a luxurious VIP room. A feature wall of quotes, Hollywood-lit mirrors and glamorous vintage prints ensure this room feels extra special.
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At the backwash there’s no ease up on the glitz. Clients are presided over by Marilyn Monroe as they recline on the sofa-style bank of quilted leather seats, while fresh flowers add a colour pop to the soft colour scheme.
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