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Owners’ Comments: “Our Scalp Analysis Center literally gets to the root of clients’ hair problems—while the client watches on a video monitor, our specially trained staff use a handheld microscope to analyze the hair strands and scalp.

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The results allow us to see the clients’ needs and prescribe the best products.”
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Judges’ Comments:
“The rainbow wall in the color bar is awesome.”—Nelson
“This space is very pleasing to the eye with just enough pops of color to draw your eye to different aspects of the salon.”—Lulgjuraj

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Woodstock, Georgia
Owners: Tim Timmons
Salon style: Metropolitan, Contemporary, Chic
Square footage: 2000
Stations: 13
Treatment Rooms: 1
Equipment: Minerva, Standish Salon Goods, Array Marketing
Furniture: Minerva, Salon CA, Design X
Total design investment: $75,000
Retail lines: Phyto, Arrojo
Color line: Phyto
Design by: Gene Fina
Architects: Al Causey, The Village Studeio
Photography: Kate Keleva, Sitting Pretty Photography
Πηγή: http://www.salontoday.com