Festival Styling1

With Glastonbury this weekend, it’s all about festival hair this week, as the annual music fest officially launches the festival season.

Festival Styling2
Kieron Fowles, creative director for Regis, offers these festival styling tips for your clients
1 Prep is essential before leaving the house for the festival. Blow-dry and prep your hair with setting and blow out sprays, volume mousse, or memory holding products.
2 Create a strong foundation to support a weekend of hair changes.
3 Always start with hair down straight or soft waves
4 Use a dry shampoo to rejuvenate and add texture to the hair.
5 Change your looks with twists and braids, accessories.
6 Glitter and pastel-coloured sprays are a great way to upgrade the style.
7 Festival hair should always be experimental , flexible, relaxed, and embrace the natural.
centre partings are the only way unless its pinned up or away.
Kieron’s hero products for festival survival
Dry shampoo for texture rejuvenation
Sea salt for texture and tousle
Hairspray for fix and hold
Shine spray/serum for weekend hydration
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Festival Styling6
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