Game of Thrones1

With the new season of Game of Thrones hitting our screens, there’s no better excuse to watch it than to admire the styles and braids!

Game of Thrones2
And this step by step from Kirby Blythe for Great Lengths could be straight from the fantasy series.
Click on the Gallery to follow the simple steps to get the look:
How to prepare the hair
Extensions are custom-toned after fitting.
Before styling, curl the hair hair using BaByliss 32mm curling wand. Once all the hair is curled, run hands through it to soften and loosen the curls.
Create a centre parting to the crown. Section vertically to the ear and split into two sections horizontally. French waterfall braid the top section of the hair, leaving the waterfall parts of braid loose. Continue to the top of the crown, in line with the ear and secure with a band. Repeat on the other side.
Game of Thrones3
Join the two braids together and wrap a piece of hair around the end to secure.
Game of Thrones4
Waterfall braid the lower section, incorporating the waterfall drops from the first braid into the second. Continue braiding until central, at the back of the head, just below the first braid and at the nape.
Game of Thrones5
Join up the two braids, incorporating the hair left over from the top braids, then tie together, wrapping hair around and securing with a band.
Game of Thrones6
To complete the look, lightly spray using the ICON Done Finishing Spray.