Create a Soft1

Εextured hair doesn’t have to be hard or out of control – this look by Sens.us is stylish, yet relaxed and whimsical.

Create a Soft2
Click on the gallery and learn how to get the look:
Prep the hair using TAB>U No Stress Spotlight. Then mark our a rhombus in the centre of the head starting 3cm from the hairline and ending at the crown. Divide the remaining area into four sections.
Create a Soft3
Create a central guideline, elevate the hair 45 degrees.
Create a Soft4
Take the side section and bring forward, Cut from the guideline using the sliding technique, keeping the maximum length at the end. Repeat on the other side.
Create a Soft5
Bring the hair from the back section forward and cut using the sliding technique.
Create a Soft6
Make a 1cm section on all sides of the rhombus.
Create a Soft7
Following the initial guideline, point-cut the section you have created, elevating the hair vertically.
Create a Soft8
Use the same technique on each side of the rhombus. This will be the new guideline for the internal layering of the cut.
Create a Soft9
Take vertical sections and cut from the guideline outwards, keeping maximum length.
Create a Soft10
Connect the front perimeter.
Create a Soft11
Following the guideline, take segments within the rhombus and connect the layers cutting outwards.
Create a Soft12
Πηγή: https://www.hji.co.uk/latest/create-soft-whimsical-blonde-sens-us/