Wella Professionals1

This long-layered cut with a soft, oval fringe has a premium editorial look thanks to its deep multi-tonal brunette colour.

Wella Professionals2
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Colour formulas
A and E Koleston Perfect 5/77 + Welloxon Perfect 6% + Color.id (E is the same formula without Color.id)
B and F Koleston Perfect Special Blonde 12/0 + Welloxon Perfect 12% _ Color.id (colour F is the same formula without Color.id, yellow foil)
C Koleston Perfect 10/38 + Welloxon Perfect 12% (blue foil)
D Koleston Perfect 7/71 + Welloxon Perfect 9% (red foil)
Wella Professionals3
Divide the hair into four equal sections from centre parting down to the nape and from ear to ear. Starting at the back, take diagonal sections and cut to the desired length.
Wella Professionals4
Take a triangular section at the front. Then take horizontal sections and cut in the fringe to site below the eyes.
Wella Professionals5
Working in a forward graduation technique, take vertical sections, pull the hair forward and cut. Continue the technique on the opposite side.
Wella Professionals6
Using the guideline from the side sections, pivot around to the back. Continue to take vertical sections elevating up and cut the layers until complete.
Wella Professionals7
Create a water ball sectioning technique, divided into five sections around the head.
Wella Professionals8
Starting at the centre back section, take horizontal sections and apply colour A to the roots and mid-lengths.
Wella Professionals9
Apply colour B in a freehand technique to the ends in every other section and colour A to the remaining sections.
Wella Professionals10
On the left section, starting at the occipital bone, take diagonal sections with medium-size weaves. Apply colour C (blue foil) from roots to ends, followed by colour D (red foil). Continue alternating and repeat on the opposite side.
Wella Professionals11
On the two front remaining sections, apply the following colours:
2 yellow foils (colour F)
3 green foils (colour C on the roots, Colour D on the ends)
Colour all the remaining hair in between the foils with colour E. Develop and remove.
Wella Professionals12
Blow-dry with a medium-size round brush, creating body and movement. Continue working around the head until complete.
Wella Professionals13
Finish by tonging with a Wella Pro Curl 32mm to keep the movement and spray for hold.
Wella Professionals14
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