Peach Colouring1

Peach is the perfect colour to set off a haircut, especially if it’s short and sharp. Here’s some simple steps to get the look, courtesy of Sens.us.

Peach Colouring2
Strip the previous colour and apply SOS Relief Scalp Oil to the scalp. Section a triangle that goes from the crown to the eye on both sides.
Peach Colouring3
Starting at the apex, create a diamond on both sides and divide it into two triangular sections.
Peach Colouring4
Colour the perimeter and the side area using the block technique and 9.04 M3K. Repeat.
Peach Colouring5
Colour the triangle at the nape with 9.04 M3K.
Peach Colouring6
Use the same technique on the perimeter and the opposite side then isolate the coloured areas.
Peach Colouring7
Colour the triangle near the fringe at the roots using TAB>U mix Peach and repeat.
Peach Colouring8
Take a 2cm section near the front hairline and apply 10.04 M3K to lengths and ends, then isolate. Colour the rest of the triangle with TAB>U Color mix Peach over the lengths and ends.
Peach Colouring9
Colour the roots in the triangular section above the ear with TAB>U Color mix Ethereal Pink
Peach Colouring10
Peach Colouring11
Peach Colouring12
Peach Colouring13
Peach Colouring14
Πηγή: https://www.hji.co.uk/latest/get-look-peach-colouring-sens-us/