Textured Side Chignon1

Get ready for the summer months with this simple textured side chignon by Amika. 

Textured Side Chignon2
Decorate with flowers and you’re set for festivals and days out with friends. Hit the Gallery button to follow the steps to get the look for your clients.

Divide the hair into three sections and start curling hair using 25mm curler, wrapping strands away from the face/towards the back of the head.
Textured Side Chignon3
Curl front sections in alternating directions per row and the face framing pieces away from the face.
Textured Side Chignon4
Carve out a triangle section behind the ear to use as a base and backcomb that section.
Textured Side Chignon5
Crunch it in and pin it down with two large bobby pins. Spray with amika Strong Hold Hairspray.
Textured Side Chignon6
Separate the remaining hair into three large sections, and gently backcomb the underside of each section and spray with amika Strong Hold Hairspray.
Textured Side Chignon7
Starting with the section on the least dominant side, bring hair towards the base, collapse hair like an accordion and pin it in with long hair pins. Repeat with the middle section.
Textured Side Chignon8
Repeat with the front section, leaving our any face-framing pieces. Fix with amika Strong Hold Hairspray.
Textured Side Chignon9
Add flowers for the perfect finishing touch.
Textured Side Chignon10
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