Status Collection1

We love this statement colour from Ethos Hairdressing’s latest collection Status. See how to get it below.

Status Collection2
Existing Colour: Natural base 7 with pre-lightened mid lengths & ends neutral tone with 3cm regrowth
Status Collection3
Regrowth lifted to the same level with BlondMe & 6%. Igora Porosity Equalizer was applied for 10 minutes & toned with Igora Vibrance 9.5-1 & 1.9 developer for 5 minutes.
Status Collection4
Step 1
Take a curved section from the centre to top temple & isolate.
Status Collection5
Step 2
Over cotton wool, paint on Igora Vibrance 10g 0-22. 10g 0-33 & 5g 0-55 with 3% developer to a 2cm curved section, avoid the scalp & drag out 4cm.
Status Collection6
Step 3
Immediately continue working forward with the curved section, apply the same tint from roots & drag out to the same position as the previous section.
Status Collection7
Step 4
Continue until all of the section is incorporated.
Status Collection8
Step 5
Apply tint to the front hairline with a comb to create natural finish.
Status Collection9
Step 6
Protect the remaining lengths, at the back of the head, with conditioner when removing the tint.
Πηγή https://www.hji.co.uk/future-talent/step-by-step-double-buns-by-toni-guy-for-tata-naka-ss16/