Create the Perfect1

New Artisan by Indola embraces effortless, natural styling. Take inspiration from Woodstock ’69 and create the perfect boho inspired balayage for your clients with this easy step-by-step guide.

Create the Perfect2
Colours used
• Blonde Expert Bleaching Powder
• 2%/ 7 vol Developer
• Mixing ratio 1:2
• Blonde Expert 1000.1 Blond Ash
• 12%/ 40 vol Developer
• Mixing radio 1:2
• Mix the required amount of KERA BOND BOND SERUM into both colour mixes to fortify hair bonds during the lightening process
Create the Perfect3
Step 1
Divide the hair into sections as shown:
• SECTION A= two middle sections from the top of the head to the nape of the neck
• SECTION B= half-moon at the front hairline from temple to temple
Create the Perfect4
Step 2
• Start on one side of SECTION A
• Taking small diagonal sections, start at the natural hair and apply Colour 1 with freehand balayage technique
• Continue to the mid-lengths and ends with BLONDE EXPERT BLEACHING POWDER
Create the Perfect5
Step 3
• Work your way up the section using the same technique
• SMART TIP for a softer end result, take diagonal sections in the hair
Create the Perfect6
Step 4
• Release SECTION B
• Weave very fine strands in the front section and apply COLOUR 1 to the natural hair and BLONDE EXPERT BLEACHING POWDER on the previously coloured mid-lengths and ends
Create the Perfect7
Step 5
• Leave to develop according to instructions for use before rinsing out
• Shampoo and apply KERA BOND SEALING MASK to the hair. Leave to develop for 10 mins before rinsing thoroughly
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