The Perfect Bridal1

With bridal season in full swing we love this sleek take on the fishtail braid from Skyler McDonald at seanhanna – perfect for wedding guests, bridesmaids or even the bride herself!

The Perfect Bridal2
How to:

The Perfect Bridal3

1) Prep the hair and divide into two equal sections on the side of the head

The Perfect Bridal4

2) Take a small strand from section 2

The Perfect Bridal5

3) Cross this strand over and join the strand to section 1.

The Perfect Bridal6
4) Repeat this on the opposite side, taking a strand from section 1, crossing over and joining to section 2.
The Perfect Bridal7
5) The effect should look like this, the strands are on the inside of the two sections.
The Perfect Bridal8
6) Continue this to create the fishtail braid
The Perfect Bridal9
7) Once complete, pull the braid slightly to create a more texture fishtail braid. Secure with a small, clear band.
Hair by Skyler McDonald (seanhanna)
Photographer: Sean Hanna
Art Director: Skyler McDonald
Products: L’Oreal
Πηγή https://www.hji.co.uk/future-talent/step-by-step-the-perfect-bridal-fishtail-braid/